Lisa Arora

"Theresa is unrelenting positive and possibility focused. In my coaching conversations with her, she resurfaces what I already know, refocuses me on exactly what works, removes what's in my way and I leave with crystal clarity on how to get where I want to go. One conversation with her and you will know what I mean!"
DIG IN for a Change
Wherever you may find yourself right now in your business, you're here because there is something you're ready to shift.  You're either shifting into high gear or downshifting away from the results destroying, crazy making you've tolerated for way too long.

My clients come to me because THEY KNOW WHAT TO DO, but struggle with knowing HOW to do it, where to START and HOW TO PRIORITIZE the endless number of decisions it takes to make it all happen.  

My zone of genius lies in exactly that.  Breaking down the complicated into bite size, easy to execute steps so you get tangible, measurable results and allow you to feel the progress you're making, FASTER than you've ever been able to on your own. 

You'll experience:
Radical accountability to the promises you make to yourself so you can build your business and push your passion forward to serve the clients who need you most. 

Measurable results that can be counted, hopefully in dollars in your bank account and an endless flow of testimonials from thrilled clients. 
Clarity in your direction which will lead to the necessary confidence that allows you to gracefully establish your boundaries, charge more and have more impact as a result.  
coaching Options
This is a 2 month engagement 
We'll design and define your biggest vision and help you get crystal clear on who you serve and what you solve.  From your vision, I will who you how to reverse engineer your tactical pathway to get there and a timeline for executing each step in the process.
We'll attach reasonable expectations to outcomes we can measure and help you remove any mindset barriers or roadblocks that pose a threat to you achieving your desired outcome. 

We'll meet once a week by Zoom for an hour to an hour and 15 minutes.
You will have homework week to week that consists of the steps we determine are necessary to get you to where you're going.  Daily check-ins are required to share what specific outcomes you are focused on for that day. 

You will also have an opportunity to join one group coaching call each week to receive support and give support and discuss any roadblocks that may be standing in your way. 
In addition to the group call, you will also have access to our group Members Only DIG IN Facebook.

2 Payments of $1,850

+Tactical Support
This is a 4 month engagement
This engagement includes everything in STRATEGY in addition to the following:

You will receive technical "hands-on" DONE WITH YOU implementation  and a light version of "done for you" in areas that require specialized skills such as web creation, copywriting, speech writing, video production and direction, graphic design, branding and social media strategy or planning, etc. 

You will have access to my network of providers for a significantly reduced rate or you can work with your own providers.  In order to keep you focused on what YOU DO BEST, I will assist you as a project manager to coordinate your providers with oversight to ensure consistency and reduce the amount of stress this typically causes clients who don't have a "knack" for online business building. 

If you work with my network, these are people I have a long-time relationship with and trust and whom will typically "get it right the first time" saving you THOUSANDS of dollars and countless hours in redo's and poor communication.  The scope of tactical support varies client to client and will be based on the outcomes we define.

*Financing options available 

This is a 6 month engagement
This engagement includes everything in Strategy + Tactical Support and will include DONE FOR YOU components for building  your business framework including:
Personal Branding Package
Social media graphics
5 page professionally branded website
Creation of a Lead Magnet for growing your list
One Lead Generation Funnel
5 Message follow-up email campaign
Social Media posting schedule
Access to up to 6 hours 
of VA support per month
Systemized Sales 
and Follow-up System
On-going training to help you maintain and run your marketing systems.

*Financing options available 

Unlike many programs you might have enrolled in or invested in, my coaching philosophy comes with a dedication to each and every one of my clients to see them flourish and prosper from their expertise and to see their dreams come to life. 
I intentionally limit the number of clients I work with at any one time so I can be fully present and just as dedicated to your results as you are. When you work with me, you are not investing in a "PROGRAM"-- 
you are investing in THE OUTCOMES we determine are possible in the timeframe in which we're engaged.
If you have not realized the outcomes we mutually define in the beginning of our engagement by the end of our defined timeframe, 
I will continue to work with you until you've reached the tangible, measurable outcomes you hired me to help you realize.
You in return, agree to do the work, go all in and make no excuses for doing what you need to do to move things forward consistently. 
Our agreement is based on 100% "all-in" from both of us to help you realize your dreams.  When you stop working, so do I.  
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